Residential Services

We can help you to fix any of your residential problems. Whether you can’t get the plug to keep from flipping the breaker or you just want a new plug, we can help. There are times when you need extra lights added. No matter what it is that you need, we are available. Of course, we are registered and certified. You can check our references. Call us and we will help to answer all your questions. Indoor or outdoor, we know how to keep your power flowing so that you can move forward with your remodel.

Commercial Services

Our commercial electrical services can ensure employee safety and sustain business productivity. Our licensed contractors provide a full range of services for commercial customers including service calls, lighting repairs and upgrades, generators, exterior lighting, energy efficient solutions, and more. We provide services for different industries while providing the best solutions to meet your business needs. We can design an electrical system for your business to ensure production needs are met. Contact us to learn more about our electrical business solutions.


There are times in our life where we know that there is a problem but we have no idea what the problem is. We can help you to troubleshoot every minor or major problem that you have. Do you have a breaker that flips for no reason? We can help you figure out exactly what the problem is and then help you to fix it. There are steps that we can take to help to discover the issues and then fix them in just no time at all. It is our job to help you any way we can.


Faulty wiring causes thousands of fires annually. Prevent your property from being a statistic by working with a licensed electrician. Put your safety first by taking advantage of our rewiring service. Your electrical system will get the attention it needs through our wiring service that meets required wiring code regulations. New wires and equipment can be installed where needed. If you have concerns about your electrical wiring, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


There is absolutely nothing in life that is more fun than designing your new home. We can help you to decide where you need plugs, lights, or switches. Then we help to make it all happen in the building process. The whole process can be made easy just by allowing us to help you from the very beginning all the way to the end. There nothing holding you back from having what you want where you want it. That is the beauty of designing and building your own home or office.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Undetected electrical issues are known to cause extensive property damage including fire damage. One form of prevention is to schedule an electrical inspection. Our licensed electricians can provide a detailed inspection to ensure your electrical system is up to code. We will bring anything of concern to your attention and help you understand the best solution if repairs or upgrades are needed. Inspections help reduce hazard risks, and you can learn ways to sustain electrical costs. Contact us to learn more about why electrical inspections are highly recommended.

Lighting Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair

Lighting has multiple purposes that include being visibly appealing to being a necessity for functionality and productivity. We offer lighting upgrades, maintenance, and repair for different lighting needs. Our service is perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting settings. We can add, install, upgrade, replace, and illuminate lighting as needed. Our licensed electricians can provide advanced lighting solutions such as motion-sensor lighting, track lighting, and dimmer switches to name a few. Contact us for a quote and learn more about how we can fulfill your lighting needs.

Ceiling Fans

Have you been thinking that it might be nice to have a ceiling fan above your bed? Maybe you could use your front porch a little more often if you had a breeze whenever you want it? We can add a ceiling fan anywhere you need it. Or we could fix the one you already have. Even if you just want to explore your options, we are the ones to call. You want a breeze and we know how to give you one.

Industrial Services

Our accredited technicians can perform maintenance and repairs on all kinds of industrial equipment and wiring. We specialize in industrial services and can cover all required work. Need fast service? We understand the need for your industrial equipment to be running smoothly so you can get on with the rest of your work. Don’t let broken equipment cost you valuable time and money. Contact us and we will meet your needs promptly with a high level of quality.


Warehouse Maintenance

From installing warehouse lighting to doing power upgrades, we can handle all of your warehouse maintenance needs. Our experienced, licensed electricians can take care of repairing conveyor belts, rewiring your building and troubleshooting problems. For your business to do its best, your warehouse needs to be in proper working order. No matter what electrical repairs, upgrades or projects you need, we offer the warehouse maintenance services you need to fix the problem. Our business is helping you run your business.

Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is like the nexus for all of your home’s electricity. From this panel, you can control the electricity in all locations of your house. Unsurprisingly, this means that your electrical panel is exceptionally important. Making sure that your panel is up to code is easily done through a simple panel upgrade. If you have noticed signs of a damaged panel like corrosion or crackling sounds, then you need the help of a qualified electrician to diagnose the problem and get the right panel upgrades.

Panel Lights

Choosing the right kind of lighting fixture can really set the mood for an office and your interior decor. With panel lights, you can replace the old, glaring fluorescent ceiling lights in your home. LED panel lights are particularly good at preventing light leakage and providing a more attractive element to your decor scheme. Whether you need your lights upgraded for a retail shop or office space, our team of professional electricians can help you remove your old lighting systems and install your new upgrades.

Custom Lighting Design

Lighting can determine the appearance and productivity of any room. At home, the right custom lighting design adds the perfect finishing touch in your decor. At the office, you need custom lighting design so that your employees can be truly productive. If you want a custom lighting design, our electrician team can help you figure out the best options. We work quickly and efficiently to create the perfect, individualized design that you need. Through our electricians, you can completely transform a room with your lighting updates.

Transformer Installations

Electrical transformers are commonly installed in commercial, residential and industrial applications. This device is an integral part of an electrical set up. While there are many kinds of transformers, they primarily focus on increasing or decreasing the voltages for the electricity at your site. Whether you are constructing a new business or just need a replacement for a damaged transformer, our electricians are here to help. Our certified team members can quickly install a new transformer so that your property is up and running in no time.

Floor Outlets

Even when a home or office is already finished, electricity might not be available where you need it to be. Whether you need floor outlets installed after a building is finished or need an upgrade to a current electrical system, our electrical team can help. We can help you figure out the right floor boxes, recessed plugs and more for old and new installations. From residential homes to commercial buildings, our electricians are talented at quickly making reliable, effective floor outlets for you to enjoy.